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Classes cover a variety of styles including cabaret, folkloric and gypsy dances, Egyptian styles, Turkish styles, modern fusion, jazz fusion, use of props such as veil, cane, zills (finger cymbls) and more...

All belly dance classes taught by Megan Yalkut
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All ages welcome. Click here for info about kids joining belly dance & Persian dance classes.

SPRING SESSION: JANUARY 17 - MAY 31, 2018 (Drop-ins & beginners WELCOME UNTIL APRIL 1st. After that class will be focused on show choreography so beginner drop-ins beware.)

Lunch Time Belly Dance Class (for Adults & Teens):
Wednesdays at 12:15pm - All Levels

Location: 1919 Spruce ST, Boulder
Cost: $48 for 4, $60 for 6, $78 for 8, $108 for 12, or $15 drop in.
REGISTER ONLINE or in class (cash or check only in class)

FAQS & general info about Belly Dance classes

Evening Belly Dance Class (for Adults & Teens):
Thursdays at 6:25pm - All Levels

Location: 1919 Spruce ST, Boulder
Cost: $48 for 4, $60 for 6, $78 for 8, $108 for 12, or $15 drop in.
or in class (cash or check only in class)
FAQS & general info about Belly Dance classes

Class packages works like punchcards (credit good for 6 months).

Questions? call Megan at 303-449-5030
or email



Lunchtime Persian Classical Dance:
Mondays at 12:15pm - All Levels
Winter Session Nov 6 - January 8. NO CLASS DEC 25 OR JAN 1.
Spring Session January 15 - May 28, 2018.

Location: 1919 Spruce ST, Boulder
Cost: $48 for 4, $60 for 6, $78 for 8 or $15 drop in.
REGISTER ONLINE or in class (cash or check only in class)

Weekend Persian Classical Dance:
Saturdays at 12:15pm - All Levels

Please contact Megan if you are interested in the Saturday class time.

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Persian dance class Boulder CO

This is a rare opportunity to learn Persian dance, a unique form of Middle Eastern dance. We will focus on the classical dance of Persia, which includes exquisite arm and hand gestures and graceful poses, with playful shoulder movements, soft hip undulations, and traveling steps, performed to 6\8 time signatures. The beautiful arm positions of Persian classical dance heavily influenced other styles of dance including Raqs Sharqi (“belly dance”) and North Indian Kathak.
Persian dance training is a great benefit to many forms of dance, including belly dance, flamenco, modern, and more, teaching graceful hands and arms, alignment, and beautiful body lines.

The current session will culminate in an optional performance on November 5th. Classes may be joined at any time as well as drop-ins OK, however keep in mind there will be a progression towards the show, and the last few classes in October will be dedicated to refining choreography.

For information call Megan at 303-449-5030 or email



REGISTER for Dance Classes ONLINE:
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All packages are good for any class days/times
(mixing days is fine, and you keep your credit for 6 months.)

- $48 ($12 per class)

6 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $60 ($10 per class)

8 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $78 ($9.75 per class)

12 CLASS PUNCHCARD - $108 ($9 per class)

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If so, you have ONE WEEK grace period to turn your drop-in into a package. Use the registration below to pay the remainder due for any package, minus the drop-in fee (or pay by cash or check in class).

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For more info about all Middle Eastern dance classes call Megan at 303-449-5030
or email




Group Singing Class - Opening the Voice with Raga
RAGA CLASS: Winter Session 6 weeks
November 7, 2017 - January 16, 2018 (NOTE: 9th is CANCELLED and rescheduled for the 16th)
7:30 - 8:45pm

Indian musicLearn to open the voice while you immerse in the ancient meditative art of raga, a musical science based on the cycles of nature and evoking a vast array of emotions and moods, or "coloring" of the mind. Indian music teaches listening in a whole new wayl. Vocal music is considered the foundation of all music in this tradition.

This session will focus on ragas that evoke the contemplative energy of Winter time.

Classes focus on the intoxicating vocal compositions of Maestro Ali Akbar Khan (with whom Megan Yalkut, the instructor, has studied since 1994). Each class includes sargam (the Indian solfege) exercises, explanations of raga and Indian music styles, and practice in the rhythmic cycles and structure of Indian music.

All levels welcome. Please indicate your level when you register.
Drop-ins are accepted.

Location: 1919 Spruce ST, Boulder

Class days: November 7, 14, December 5, 12, 19, January 16

6 week session: $60
(register below via the Paypal button or mail a check to Megan Yalkut PO Box 983, Boulder CO. 80306).

For pro-rated session rates, contact Megan.

Drop-ins: $15 (in class with check or cash only)

Note: if class is cancelled due to weather we will reschedule makeup classes on days that work for all.

For more info or questions call Megan at 303-449-5030
or email

Refund policy: Classes are refundable minus 20% fee up to 24 hrs before event. No refunds after this period except in the case of class cancellation in which case full refunds will be issued.


CLASS. Contact Megan if you are interested.

(Learn to play Indian music, in the tradition of maestro Ali Akbar Khan, on Eastern and /or Western instruments such as sarode, sitar, guitar, cello, keyboards, flute, and much more...)






Learn the meditative art of creating traditional mandalas, yantras, deities and traditional thangka paintings. No special skills or artistic background are required - All levels welcome. This workshop series will consist of evolving projects designed to teach all elements of the art, including pencil drawing, using colord pencils, inking, painting and application of gold. We will explore various styles of sacred art including the ancient Indian art of yantra, Nepalese scroll paintings (paubha) and traditional Tibetan Thangka painting.
Below is next upcoming workshop:

Drawing the Deity

A One Day Art Retreat


Buddha drawing In this workshop you will learn how to draw Green Tara according to traditional Tibetan Buddhist thangka scroll paintings. Green Tara, the female manifestation of active compassion, reaches out her hand to grant all wishes and, with her right foot outstretched, is ready to step down and help all who call upon her. Tara is one of the most revered deities of Tibetan Buddhism. The drawing of these enlightened images is a meditation in itself, and creates a lot of joy. The course is suitable for everyone, including beginners with no drawing experience whatsoever!  

We will optionally learn to shade the drawing with pencil, as an introduction to the principles of coloring in traditional thangka art. (Future workshops and classes will cover coloring).

Materials list will be provided after you register. If you plan to register at the door, please contact Megan in advance for the list.

Location: 1919 Spruce ST, Boulder

Register Online:

Or mail a check to Hamsa Arts, PO Box 983 Boulder CO 80306

Call Megan at 303-449-5030 or email
for more information.


(Pre-Registration is refundable only up to 24 hrs before the event, minus %20).





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Hamsa Arts offers:

  • Classes and workshops in Indian music in the Boulder area
    Group and private lessons available.
  • Classical Indian music performances, kirtan, and fusion ensemble
  • Belly Dance classes in downtown Boulder
  • Persian Dance lessons and performance
  • Middle Eastern Dance performance and demo
  • Tibetan Thangka painting and drawing workshops and classes


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